Weekend of 4/12-4/13

So this weekend Katie will be doing a running coach certification course in Richmond, VA. She asked if I wanted to come along, and after doing a little research, I couldn’t help but be ecstatic that there are a slew of breweries that I could visit while down there when she is in class. So of course, I said YES. I will try to visit as many breweries as possible. The ones that I have in mind are Hardywood Park, Lickinghole Creek Brewing, Isley Brewing Co., Midnight, Strangeways Brewing, and Triple Crossing Brewing. I know it seems like a lot of places to go in such a short time, but thankfully, most are within walking/short driving distance from the hotel we are staying!

Stay tuned for updates about my visits and what beers I tried!


One thought on “Weekend of 4/12-4/13

  1. So excited for you to start blogging! I think you’ll love it like I do. Plus I am excited to try some good beer 🙂 love you!

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