Brewery Round-up #2: Hardywood Park Brewery

So after I finished up at Lickinghole, Kevin and I made our way back to the city of Richmond for another brewery stop: Hardywood Park.  I had always heard great things about Hardywood Park about having really amazing beers, but they hadn’t distributed far enough north for me to try until this year. As soon as I Wegmans got their first shipment in, I immediately went over and bought their raspberry stout. That night I had it chilled just enough to drink, and I was impressed. So I knew going to this brewery I was going to have one happy palate.




Hardywood Park is located in the industrial side of Richmond but I could tell I was in the right place by all the cars parked along the side of the road and lots of people outside enjoying beers and hanging out.


Kev and I headed to the building and went inside. There were 2 places to order beer, their front tasting room, and back near the actual brewery. I ordered their Hoplar IPA and headed to the back to where a band was playing. Kevin and I danced for a while before I ran into an employee there and asked him if they had any hop rhizomes left from there harvest.




I told him that a friend on Facebook had told me to ask as they would set some aside for me, and sure enough, he pulls out two rhizomes for me to take home. I have never grown hops, but figured I would give it a shot as I also happen to brew my own beer. I headed outside to enjoy the weather with Kev and let him walk around a bit before headed back to the hotel for his afternoon nap (I had to keep this visit short because of this). Overall, Hardywood was short and sweet but fun. Their beer selection is great ranging from cream ales to IPAs to stouts.





Hardywood Park: 4.5/5 beers

Hoplar IPA: 4/5 beers


Next Up: Strangeways Brewing


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